Wilmington Skate Plaza

Wilmington, Delaware
Client: Delaware Department of Transportation


Oasis Design Group served as the landscape architect and part of a team planning Wilmington Skate Plaza, a new 18,000 square-foot skate park at 300 Liberty Street, under I-95 on Maryland Avenue, in Wilmington, Delaware. Other team members included City of Wilmington, Wilmington Skate Project, skate park designer Grindline, RK&K, and stakeholders.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Identified suitable location and limits for skate park elements within overall study area.
  • Worked with client and other consultants to identify programmatic elements for the park including seating, gathering spaces, landscape zones, and other amenity areas.
  • Recommend preliminary circulation routes into and through the proposed park.
  • Developed overall lighting concept and plan.
  • Developed preliminary green infrastructure and grading alternatives.
  • Created an image board to illustrate material types and general landscape character proposed.
  • Created overall master plan concept and support illustrations.
  • Will be developing construction documents.