Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Client: Private Developer


Oasis Design Group created an overall site development plan for the developer to use to work with Lancaster County. The proposed Wheatfield development is situated on a tract of 133 acres in Manor Township and consists of 151 town homes, 204 single family lots, and 16 estate lots.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Designed a site plan to preserve more than 30 percent of the open space and made it accessible by all of the residents.
  • Planned 3 neighborhoods of various densities and design to fit the existing land forms and take advantage of the site’s natural features.
  • Situated each neighborhood around a central green space linked to other open spaces or greens by a series of trail systems, open space corridors, or sidewalks.
  • Adhered to an overall development theme of neotraditional-as much as the topography and county ordinances permitted.