Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park Public Art Installation

Wilmington, Delaware
Client: Delaware Department of Transportation


As project manager for a sculpture design and planning process, Oasis Design Group brought to life a new monument in honor of Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett, collaborators in the success of the Underground Railroad. The monument Unwavering Courage in the Pursuit of Freedom is a hub of the 2.4-acre vibrant public urban Park, which hosts many festivals and events each year.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Wrote and developed the City’s Request for Qualification and Request for Proposals for artists to create the public sculpture and ensured that the City’s policies and goals were outlined.
  • Managed the City’s open selection and design process to identify an artist or team with the skills, experience, resources, and vision needed.
  • Facilitated meetings with the jury for the selection of the preferred art piece.
  • Worked on the original park design for the Park-an Oasis Design Group Principal completed that initial phase while at a previous design firm.