Streetscape at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Chicago, Illinois
Client: Northwestern Memorial Hospital


Former Northwestern Memorial Hospital patient Maggie Daley, wife of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, encouraged the hospital to beautify itself and give Chicagoans a signature streetscape to lift the spirits of patients and visitors. As a result, the Hospital hired Oasis Design Group to redesign four streets adjacent to the Hospital in downtown Chicago.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Developed a streetscape and planting plan.
  • Featured structured but exuberant plantings that would provide year-round interest to pedestrians and motorists alike.
  • Selected trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and bulbs to withstand the stresses of the Chicago urban environment such as salt, poor soils, and extremes in temperatures and shade/sun patterns.
  • Designed upgrades to various paving and hardscape elements including bench niches, planter curbs, and planter fencing.
  • Worked with the Chicago Bureau of Forestry to select new street trees that met the city’s street tree ordinance.
  • Drew from its horticultural experience, Oasis worked in collaboration with Chicago-based horticultural consultants Craig Bergmann Landscape Design to make final plant selections.


2010 Mayor Daley Landscaping Award. Earned a 1st place award in the corporate institution category for developing and beautifying green space in the community.