The term “oasis” epitomizes the philosophy of Oasis Design Group. The firm is built on the notion that the most memorable places are those that provide a much-needed refuge from the frenetic pace of today’s lifestyle.

Passionate about creating imaginative, sustainable, and engaging environments, Oasis Design Group leads and works collaboratively with its clients to bring many different types of oases to life. Some clients may prefer a peaceful sanctuary while others require spaces that promote active use. The firm designs areas that nurture relationships between people and their environments-both man-made and natural. Oasis’ work respects and facilitates the dynamic connections among communities and the landscape and gardens linked to them and the places where people live, work, and play.

Oasis Design Group transforms environments whether they are in an urban, suburban, rural, or natural setting into safe, welcoming oases. Oasis integrates the opportunities and constraints of a site with the needs of its clients in a bold, yet sustainable way. Innovative planning and design approaches are based on the firm’s extensive design, construction, horticulture, real estate experience, and industry standards like The Sustainable Sites Initiative™.

Building on the inherent characteristics of the land and cultural and aesthetic surroundings, Oasis creates a “sense of place” and a “memory of place” in its designs. The firm engages people’s senses through the use of powerful lines, colors, and textures in the landscape and with art. This enables people to feel connected to Oasis-designed places, remember them, and want to visit them again and again – Oasis Design Group designs memorable places.