Life in the Gardens: Fräbel Glass at Phipps

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Client: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Oasis Design Group served as project manager for the design and planning process of the exhibit by Hans Godo Fräbel, an internationally famous artist known for his glass figures. The exhibit was filled with whimsical and otherworldly figures, mysterious masks, playful sculptures, and a botanical interplay never before seen.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has one of the oldest and largest conservatories in the United States-a grand steel and glass Victorian greenhouse built in 1893.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Worked with staff from Fräbel Glass Art Studio and Gallery and Phipps’ horticulture, education, and facilities staff to select locations and placement of the various glass pieces and to develop a landscape environment (plantings) to accentuate and showcase Fräbel’s acclaimed glass work.
  • Designed plantings that were strategically positioned around Fräbel’s sculptures to capture the essence of individual glass pieces or groupings.
  • Used neutral-colored tropical plants with specific foliage texture, shape, and size to complement the art and not compete with it.
  • Assisted Phipps’ staff in identifying plant sources and oversaw plant installation.
  • Complemented the beauty of Phipps’ architecture and permanent plantings by having many different plant textures and shades within the Fräbel exhibit.