Lane Park Road Streetscape Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham, Alabama
Client: Birmingham Botanical Gardens Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens


For the streetscape project, Oasis evaluated the impact of a new +/- 60-acre commercial development on the adjacent street that was proposed adjacent to Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ eastern edge and two separate transportation improvement plans developed by local and regional jurisdictions. The Garden and the project both share adjacencies to Lane Park Road that serves as a front door to the Gardens.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Reviewed the developers proposed streetscape treatment for the eastern edge of Lane Park Road and suggested improved design treatments.
  • Evaluated proposed transportation elements and their potential impact on the Garden including on-street parking and parcel entrance points.
  • Considered impacts to the Gardens’ western edge due to widening of Lane Park Road profile.
  • Coalesced several separate proposed transportation plans into one cohesive plan that married multiple parties’ objectives into one plan.
  • Proposed a merging of a regional pedestrian trail system and a new major intersection plan for a roundabout to that of the Lane Park Road improvements.