Jones Falls Trail, Access, and Watershed Restoration

Baltimore County, Maryland
Client: Maryland Chapter of Trout Unlimited


As part of its ongoing pro-bono work with the Maryland Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Oasis Design Group worked with the Chapter and planned a trail corridor along the Jones Falls stream to connect Meadowood Regional Park, which is to the north and in Baltimore County, to Robert E. Lee Park, which is to the south. The project focused on gaining greater access to the water. Jones Falls is one of the most productive naturally producing brown trout streams in Maryland and is a main tributary and contributor to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Planned a trail corridor plan will help the Project in seeking funding for the restoration of a portion of Jones Falls and gain awareness for the need to provide public access to the stream.
  • Focused on a section of Jones Falls that is located just south of Interstate-695 in Baltimore County for public access and restoration.
  • Created a master plan that accommodated a plan developed by Brightwater, Inc., for the removal of 400 feet of concrete-lined channel to restore the stream bank to a natural habitat.
  • Proposed a site-specific plan for an observation overlook for student learning, stream access, and establishment of an environmentally sensitive parking lot.
  • Developed a site-specific trail access point that proposed a parking area, picnic area, and interpretative planning elements.