Garasches Lane

Wilmington, Delaware
Client: City of Wilmington Delaware Department of Transportation


Oasis Design Group is working with the City of Wilmington, Delaware Department of Transportation, and RK&K to study the industrial corridor of +/- 60 acres associated with Garasches Lane to identify potential development parcels to be brought on-line for economic development purposes and a realignment and upgrade to Garasches Lane.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Analyzed existing parcels lines and roadway right-of-ways to identify additional parcels for development, relationship of proposed uses to existing land uses, stormwater-related requirements, and pedestrian circulation improvements.
  • Developed preliminary streetscape design, sidewalk, and bike lane alternatives that may extend over right-of-way lines into adjacent parcels as required by various design standards e.g. roadway, sidewalk, bike path, and amenity spatial requirements.
  • Developed site plan alternatives to show potential alignments with associated walks/pathways; appropriate sections along the corridor to illustrate proposed elements to existing conditions (right-of-ways, property lines, existing structures.).
  • Prepared illustrations and graphics for various planning and site development issues including support meetings, public meetings, etc.
  • Participated in Design Team and coordination meetings and presentations with the City of Wilmington and its community/general public and DelDOT.