Barbara Truland-Butz Healing Garden

Rockville, Maryland
Client: Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center


As prime/project leader, Oasis Design Group transformed a barren hospital rooftop open space into a new healing garden to strengthen the Center’s holistic approach to patient care and lessen the facility’s environmental footprint. An in-depth article about the project, Take It From the Top,“ appears on pages 48-54 in Landscape Architect and Specifier News.

Firm Accomplishments

  • Led and facilitated the design process and collaborated with Wilmot Sanz, the building’s architect; Cagley & Associates, structural engineer, to retrofit the existing roof to accommodate the Garden.
  • Developed a master plan and construction documents for the therapeutic and restorative Garden.
  • Designed the Garden to represent the circles of life and planned a central space (the focal point of the Garden from the four axis lines that divide the Garden onto quadrants) containing a custom stainless steel basin water feature and a second water element, a bubbler fountain emanating from a small rock in a simulated dry-stream bed area using repurposed gravel ballast.
  • Planned for a range of plant materials with drought-tolerant grasses and succulents arranged in bold patterns and incorporated extensive (27%) and intensive (73%) planting systems to accommodate various soil depths and included medicinal herbs to provide sensory benefits with their scents.
  • Included a variety of seating types, locations, and orientations and accessible environments for both socialization and privacy.
  • Worked with Roofmeadow, green roof provider, to develop green roof construction details.


2012 Merit Award from American Society of Landscape Architects, Maryland and Potomac Chapters

2012 Eagle Award, Sitework/Landscape-All Contract Amounts category in the Excellence in Construction Awards from Associated Builders and Contractors

2011 Grand Award from Landscape Contractors Association

2011 Merit Award from The Professional Landcare Network

2011 Excellence in Construction Award from Metro Washington Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors