Oasis Design Group is committed to revitalizing urban areas and small towns. It designs urban environments that are safe, functional, economically viable, socially desirable, and aesthetically pleasant-places where people want to live, work, relax, and socialize. Oasis understands the attributes of these places and how to create a “sense of place” for cities, suburbs, and towns that emphasize their unique attributes.

Firm Accomplishments/Expertise


Aberdeen Corporate Park

Aberdeen, Maryland

Served as landscape architect for Aberdeen Corporate Park, a grouping of three new buildings of Class A office space intended for military contractors seeking a quality office environment. Continue reading


South Wilmington Urban Renewal Plan

Wilmington, Delaware

The comprehensive plan set a vision for what a potential development scenario could look like for approximately 55 acres of land that was underutilized industrial, vacant, or contaminated and adjacent to the Christina River in South Wilmington. Continue reading


Justison Landing Mixed-Use Development

Wilmington, Delaware

Created a thriving, safe urban waterfront district with people-friendly connections to the Christina River along with park and plaza areas with passive and active activities. Continue reading