Parks and Open Spaces

Oasis Design Group has extensive experience designing public parks and open spaces. Spaces can be as small as a ½-acre urban vest-pocket park or ones spanning hundreds of acres. Oasis’ staff understand the various functions of parks and open spaces, whose amenities can include skate parks, dog parks, formal gardens, gathering areas, open spaces, or trails through ecological/nature areas. Because each project’s scale and intended users are different, Oasis is mindful that its designs reflect the needs of the users, whether for passive or active recreation, and the carrying capacity of the land.

Firm Accomplishments/Expertise

  • Has extensive experience across the nation in designing public parks and open spaces.
  • Has proven-track record as being effective prime/leader of multidisciplinary teams with architects and engineers for various park projects.
  • Completed a wide range of park designs and amenities that include wetlands, skate parks, dog parks, formal gardens, gathering areas, and trails through ecological/nature parks.
  • Understands various functions of parks and open spaces.

Harlan Park and Harlan Plaza Justison Landing

Wilmington, Delaware

Harlan Park and Harlan Plaza, along the Christina River, together are a main feature of Justison Landing, a 33-acre urban mixed-use redevelopment with office, retail, and residential uses. Oasis Design Group served as the landscape architect and transformed a former post-industrial riverfront brownfield into a vibrant mixed-use urban community and an award-winning project. Continue reading


Delaware Seashore State Park

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Beautified and redesigned Delaware Seashore State Park after the realignment of a bridge and roadway approaches impacted the Park`s operations. Today, it is a major attraction and vacation destination for thousands of visitors each year. Continue reading


Clifton Park and Recreation Facilities

Baltimore, Maryland

Oasis Design Group completed work in various planning and design capacities throughout the 260-acre park. The 260-acre Clifton Park is one of Baltimore`s largest urban parks and was officially established as a park in 1894. Clifton Park is the former estate of the late Johns Hopkins. Continue reading